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      Join The Movement

      Wake the Giant is a cultural awareness project aimed at creating a more welcoming and inclusive city for Indigenous people, youth and their communities. The movement started in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2019. The music festival is a celebration of all cultures with a focus on Indigenous artists and musicians.


      Help Thunder Bay become a more welcoming community. We want everyone to feel safe when they come to our city.


      Join the movement and wear the shirt, and don’t forget to share it on your social pages with #WakeTheGiant.


      The Wake the Giant Music Fest will be a celebration of cultures with a spotlight on Indigenous culture and music.

      Our Stories

      Wake the Giant is asking the community to have compassion for Indigenous students as they come to our city to grow and learn while attending school. Become a part of a movement that makes Indigenous youth feel safe and more at home. To date over 225 businesses and organizations have committed to the project.

      Participating Businesses & Organizations

      Check out all of the businesses and organizations that are proudly displaying the Wake the Giant decal at their locations. They have all committed to being an inclusive and welcoming space for Indigenous youth!
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